‘Autism Film School’ opens in Toronto

Toronto, ON – August 8, 2017 – Autism Film School, an independent film school in Toronto, Ontario, announced today that it has launched its first film festival.

The Toronto Film Festival, which will be held on August 15-17, will be the largest independent film festival in the world.

The festival is one of Canada’s most prestigious film festivals, and it is also the only one that awards a scholarship to a film school.

The film school will also host the premiere of the film, “Autism: Film School,” on August 16 at The New York Film Festival.

The film is directed by Ben Stiller and features Academy Award winner Meryl Streep as a teacher and student who must navigate the world of autism with their new film.

“Autistic Film School” is based on the book by Dr. Michael Gannon, Autism: The Language and the Phenomenon by Dr Michael G. Shannon, with contributions by film students and filmmakers from all over the world and will be screened at the New York film festival on August 17.

“This festival marks an important step forward in helping film schools connect with their students,” said Chris Farkas, CEO of Autism Film Schools.

“It is important that our schools are able to show their students that they can be part of a positive environment that can foster their growth and development.”

Autism Research and Treatment Centre director and Autism Film Student Mark Sperling and autistic film student, Rachel Oates, will serve as the first co-presenters of the festival.

“The Festival is an important milestone in our work as we work to build a network of film schools that are welcoming to students with autism and who are interested in the arts,” said Dr. Chris Stiles, Chief of Research for Autism Research and Prevention at Autism Research & Treatment Centre.

“I look forward to working with these students and seeing how we can help them to have an impact on the world.”

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