Berkeley film school to offer free film classes for all students

As more schools across the country embrace the use of video for instruction, some have begun offering free classes to their students to make the process more accessible.

But Berkeley is a special case.

In 2016, the school launched a pilot program in which students can enroll in a class with no cost to them.

The program, dubbed “Berkeley Film School for the Whole Family,” allows students to take classes in their own classroom at any of the university’s 14 campuses, including Berkeley’s new film school.

It allows them to attend classes from anywhere in the world, with access to a wide variety of digital technologies and materials.

In a video released Tuesday, the program’s creator, Michael D. Sperry, explains how the free classes work.

While the pilot program has been in place for three years, the schools intention is to expand it to a total of 15 campuses by 2021. “

We want to make sure that the school continues to be a place that fosters diversity and provides opportunities for students to learn from a variety of perspectives.”

While the pilot program has been in place for three years, the schools intention is to expand it to a total of 15 campuses by 2021.

It’s a new program that will cost students no more than $150 a month.

Students will also be able to use their free class time for film production, which will include film and video editing.

But they’ll have to be available for the full course load, which could include more than one film course.

Students will also need to sign a contract stating that they will not work on films or other projects related to the pilot, but that they can participate in other creative activities that benefit the Berkeley campus.

There will be no financial incentives for the pilot.

Sperry told Recode that the idea is to bring the students into the world of film as a “first-class student.”

The school will also have access to additional courses like film production courses, a course in graphic design, a seminar in computer science and more.

It will be open to students from all backgrounds, Sperrry said.

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