Film School to open in Washington

Washington, D.C. (CBS DC) — The U.S. Film School will open its first campus in the nation’s capital.

The National Center for the Arts, an arts and culture organization, announced Monday that the first film school will open in downtown Washington on April 1.

The school will be a two-story, three-story building with an opening date of June 1, 2020.

The U.K.-based organization said in a news release that the location of the school is a perfect fit for the campus, which has an estimated 20,000 students in the U..

S., with more than 100,000 worldwide.

It will be housed in the former Capitol Building, the historic building that opened to the public in 1974.

It was recently acquired by the National Park Service, which will renovate the building to create a new public space.

The National Park System will maintain the building for 10 years.

The building’s exterior is made from stone, but will include a steel facade.

It will include classrooms, movie theater and art studios.

The center will offer programs in animation, performance, photography, and film and television.

It’s located in the Old Post Office, just off the National Mall, just steps from the Capitol.