Film school vows to teach film students from Kerala

Bharathirajah, Kerala, December 24 (ANI): A new film training college in Kerala is set to offer students of film training schools from the state a chance to learn from film masters in its first course.

Kerala Film School, a film school that was founded by film student Srinivas Kambakkam in December 2015, has now launched a new course called Film School of the Future.

Students from the KFS and the KAMB-BAR, a joint venture of Bharathiri Film School and the Film Institute of India (FII), will learn film theory and production techniques and their skills.

The KFS also has its own studio.

The film training course is designed to help film students get an edge over the competition, Kambampad, the school’s president, told ANI.

“I think students will gain valuable knowledge and experience from this course,” he said.

The students will also have access to the KAMS studio, the institute’s website said.KAMB and the FII were formed to help students get in touch with filmmakers from Kerala and beyond.

“KAMBE, as its name suggests, is a film training center in Kerala,” the Kams website said on Friday.

The KAMBE institute aims to bring together students from different film schools in the state.

“It is also a joint initiative between KAMBI and FII,” Kambambakam said.

“In addition to students from the film schools, there are also students from other schools like music and drama, film-making, animation, etc.”