How Seattle Film School created a film school that has helped filmmakers around the world achieve their dreams

How Seattle’s film school has helped people achieve their dream of making a film career.

In the fall of 2013, the Seattle Film Institute (SFI) launched a documentary film course at its Filmmaker School in the former King County Public Library building.

It has since become the nation’s largest film school for the first time.

The SFI’s film class is designed to teach filmmakers the fundamentals of filmmaking, as well as the most important aspects of being a professional.

It’s all about the art of filmmaking.

Filmmakers are expected to use their own equipment, and students are encouraged to create original content.

The film school also teaches a wide variety of subjects, from writing, to acting, to cinematography.

Filmmakers can expect to work on their own projects, as they are encouraged not to compete with their peers, and to find their own voice and voice alone.

The course also focuses on the production process, including filming, editing, and postproduction.SFI President Dr. Michael Stuhr says that the course has created a network of talented filmmakers around a shared passion for film.

The school has a strong community, Stuhrs says.

The students who attend are able to work together, with their own schedules and personal resources, and also to work in small groups.

They are also able to build relationships with other students in the film school and with other filmmakers who work in the Seattle film community.

Stuhrs is a filmmaker himself.

He co-founded the Seattle Filmmaking Festival, which offers an array of film-related events and workshops.

He also serves as the SFI Film Director.

The film school was founded in 2015 by former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and his wife, Suzanne.

Murray is a founding partner at the company that owns the library building.

Murray was also the director of the film academy at the University of Washington.