How to beat the crushin school

Posted September 29, 2018 09:59:59The crushin, a student film school in Thailand, is an international film festival, which attracts a record number of visitors every year.

Here, students from around the world flock to meet their idols, compete in screenings and attend film festivals.

This year, the crushins film school was celebrating its 50th anniversary, but it still had a lot of fans.

As part of its celebration, Crushin posted a video to its Facebook page in which students from the world watched the film with the school’s students.

“We are so excited about this film festival.

You can watch it anywhere in the world with crushin.

We will be showing it to everyone, whether you have a crushin or not,” said a student at the school, in the video posted to Facebook.

But there’s one big problem: the crush in the title is a little misleading.

The school’s website says that the crush is “the love of the crush.”

In fact, the school is a film school with more than 300 students.

So what is the crush?

It’s a festival held by a student group to raise funds for a film festival for students in Thailand.

The school’s director, Boonjong Srisutthong, told CNNMoney the crush was part of a film group’s annual festival.

“There are so many people in the crush.

Some of them are our own students.

We are so happy for them,” he said.”

Our students are really good at showing their love for their crush.

They have so much passion, and we love them all the more for it,” he added.

As part of the festival, the students also get to see their idols and work on the film together.

“They are so eager to do that, and the students who are doing the work together are very excited,” said Srisothong.

The crush also has its own website, where fans can check out their crushin friends.

The students say the crush started after they shared their crush online.

“Some of them were really upset,” said another student, Suwan, in a Facebook post.

“I was crying.

I felt like I was not really being accepted,” she said.

Srisothou said the crush happened during a group screening.

“It was just when the students came out.

We saw the crush and then we went to go and watch it.

It was the first time that we saw each other.

We hugged each other and we hugged everyone,” he explained.”

Everyone loves a crush,” said Suwan.

The group of crushin students shared their feelings on social media.

“It was a real rollercoaster.

I was really happy for my crush.

I am so proud of her.

She was so sweet and I couldn’t believe it,” said one of the students.

The director of Crushin told CNN that the school hopes the crush will be one of many film festivals around the globe, and that the students will get the recognition they deserve.