How to get back on track after the shock of being told you can’t work for a company

An email sent to staff at an old-school film production company in Dublin is making the rounds on social media.

The email, sent to a large number of staff members at a new company called Mute Films, states that they cannot work for an old school production company anymore.

It goes on to say: “We’re not interested in you, or any of the people in your group, for any reason.

You can’t get in the way of our vision of our company.”

The email was shared on social networking site Reddit, with the post receiving more than 5,000 upvotes and almost 400 comments in the span of four hours.

The company that was behind the email was founded by the late Brendan McManus in 2002.

McManus was one of Ireland’s most famous film producers, working with many iconic directors and filmmakers, including Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, Quentin Tarantino and Peter Jackson.

McMenus passed away last year, leaving the business to his sons, Brian and Sean.

In response to the email, one of the men who signed the letter, Patrick, told The Irish News that they have no control over their future.

“I just don’t understand why they are telling us what we can and can’t do,” he said.

“They don’t even have the authority to tell us.

We’re just here to do our jobs.”

A spokesperson for the company said that they were not aware of the email being circulated on social networks and have no comment.

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