How to get into the Phantom Film School

The Phantom Film Society is a Vancouver film school that has attracted some attention from the media in recent years.

They’re the only one in the country to offer a bachelor’s degree in film making.

The school’s website claims it offers over 50 film and video courses, including film directing, cinematography, production design, sound, lighting, and even a certificate in film history.

They also have a Master of Fine Arts in Film, as well as an associate degree in Film and Media Studies.

Their film school has received some attention in the past, as it was featured on the cover of the prestigious Vancouver Sun last summer.

But that was before it was linked to a massive data breach.

Now, the Phantom has changed their story.

In a blog post announcing the news, they wrote that they had been hacked and that their database had been compromised.

The hackers also claimed that they were behind the breach, which led to their personal information being exposed.

This, they said, was a matter of public record.

It’s not clear how the data was accessed or how the hackers managed to get access to the school’s servers.

According to the post, the school has hired a private cybersecurity firm to look into the breach.

The company, which the school referred to as “Guardian”, has been in business for three years.

But it wasn’t until recently that it came to light that the school was involved in the breach in the first place.

The post did not give any further details on the breach and said it was being handled by a different company.

However, there are many aspects of the breach that suggest that the Phantom is not just a fraud, but a breach of the most basic security practices.

The Phantom website states that its databases are encrypted and that the only access to students’ personal information is through a “secure email service”.

This is a common practice for online banking and online payment services.

But the Phantom’s servers are encrypted, meaning that any hacker could access their information.

It would seem that the security breach was carried out through a simple phishing email, which would be a breach for any online service.

The Phantom also states that they have no affiliation with any other film school in Canada.

This is surprising, given the Phantom had just been named a top film school by the Canadian Association of Film Educators.

It is also surprising given that the phantom has received a number of awards for their film and media courses.

The list of awards includes an “Audience Choice Award”, an “International Best Short Film Award”, and a “Top Film Program Award”.

The Phantom is one of the few film schools in Canada that offers students the opportunity to receive a degree in their chosen field.

It also has a reputation as a place that can teach you how to be a filmmaker.

So, the fact that the academy has been hacked is significant, but it’s not the first time the school is linked to the breach; last year, a student at the Phantom was accused of hacking into a server and sending a malicious email.

The email, according to the CBC, included an attachment that asked for money.

The latest hack appears to be linked to several previous breaches, but they’ve all involved a breach at the school itself.

It was first reported by CTV News last year.

In March, it was revealed that a database containing personal information of over 800,000 students had been breached.

That data was used to obtain passwords and log-ins for a number a other online services.

In April, the news broke that a hacker had managed to gain access to over 150 students’ data at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and that there were also breaches at other Canadian universities.

In the same month, it emerged that another school, the Art Gallery of Ontario, had also been breached and that information had been stolen from its systems.

The schools own website said it is still investigating the breach as of this writing.

Meanwhile, the list of Academy awards that the student who allegedly breached the Phantom school was given a “Best Director” award at the 2016 Vancouver Film Festival has since been revoked.

In addition, the Canadian Film Critics Association has also issued a warning to all school members.

The most recent breach comes as the number of cyberattacks on businesses and institutions continues to increase.

According to the latest statistics from cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, there were over 8,600 cyberattacks carried out on US companies in 2017, an increase of 5 percent over the same period last year and over the previous year.

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