How to make a short film for Netflix

We’ve all heard the phrase “short film for streaming”.

We’ve seen the title and seen a teaser and maybe even seen the trailer and thought it sounded cool, but it’s actually not very easy to make.

But if you want to make your own short film, you’ll need to take some time to learn the basics of editing, sound, lighting, editing software, sound mixing, sound effects and even editing the final product.

Here are the 10 tips and tricks we picked up while making our short film.


Create a storyboard The storyboard is a list of elements that you want your short film to look like.

We used a story board for this project and used a template we found on the internet to make the images.

There’s no need to spend a lot of time designing and designing your own storyboard, because the short will look great if you just keep going.

In the end, we used this template.

You can see our storyboard here.

Once you’ve finished the storyboard you can create your own version.

We created our short using a few simple principles and guidelines, like: Keep your design simple.

If you’re using text to show an image, make it small and easy to read.

Don’t use a lot more than two words.

Keep it to a maximum of four lines.

Don´t make your images too big or too small.

We did a few short films with images up to three metres long, but we didn´t have the budget for such large images.

Make sure your images fit together well.

For this short film we used a standard 2×2 frame for the images and some other small frames.

The image above was taken with a Canon 5D Mark III.

This was the easiest and most effective way to get the composition exactly right.

If it didn´T work for you, we also had the opportunity to make our own version of this storyboard.


Use sound to create a mood We often create moods in our short films by using music.

It is important to take a moment to listen to music, as it can help to get your audience interested in your work.

To create the mood in our storyboards, we chose to make use of the SoundCloud SoundCloud Music library.

This library contains over 20 million music tracks.

If the music isn´t enough, you can use our SoundCloud Audio library to create your sound effects.

If your short has a special soundtrack, then you can also make use a score you create in your editing software.


Make use of sound effects We made use of a lot the sound effects in our film, but also included some of our own.

This is the most important part of our short, so we used our own sound effects to create the tension.

This film has a great ending, so the music was used to create some tension in the film.

If we didn’t use music, we would have had to use some of the sound of our trailer.

We included a sound effect in the final film for the final moments of the short.


Choose the right lighting We wanted our film to be bright and colorful, so our lighting was of high quality.

In order to achieve this, we took a lot time with our lighting.

We chose a lightbulb and lighted it with a lamp and a small light source.

This made our scene look more realistic.


Use a good soundtrack In order for your short to be recognized and be seen by viewers, it is essential to have a good score that reflects your style.

To achieve this we used the music from the movie to create mood and atmosphere.

The music in the short is very moody and uplifting.

This soundtrack was used in our trailer to give our film a more positive and uplocating vibe.


Use the right editing software In order not to lose the essence of your short, you should always use a good editing software that is easy to use.

Editing software is a must for any short film and you should know how to use it to get great results.

If all the elements of your storyboard are working properly, you will be able to create great results in your short.

This project was done with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.


Make a digital copy of your movie We created a copy of our film using Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

You will need to download the full version of Adobe Premiere.

You need to save the movie in a folder and rename it as “short movie”.


Make your final film We chose to film our short in our own backyard, but if you are making a short in the city, you might need to film in a location that’s close to the studios.

Here is how to do it.

Create your own local location to film your short in.

We filmed our short at our backyard location and then filmed our film at a nearby location.

We didn´ t use any lighting for the short, and we used some street lights and