How to watch ‘The Revenant’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ live this weekend in theaters with a special edition subscription option

A special edition of the Scorsese Film School Live podcast with actor and director Michael Moore and author Tom Wolfe has been added to Netflix this weekend, offering subscribers the opportunity to stream the films in their native format on a dedicated website for a fee.

The special edition will be available for one day only, but viewers will also be able to stream each film on the website.

Users will need to register for a Netflix account and create a password that will let Netflix use the login credentials to watch the films on the platform.

Moore will be making the announcement at the same time that the film’s director, Emmanuel Lubezki, will be joining the show.

Moore has been making the documentary series for HBO, which is owned by Netflix.

Moore’s film, titled “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” is set in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and follows the rise of a bank’s former CEO who uses his wealth to fund a global financial empire.

The Revenger’s special edition is a “unique opportunity” for people who have never watched “The Revenge,” Moore said in a statement.

It will also allow subscribers to subscribe to the premium service for one year, which will also include a special screening of the film in the theater, he added.

The Wolf: Part II will be released in cinemas on February 23, 2019.