Irish film schools are being hit hard by Brexit

A new report from the Irish Film School Association says the number of Irish film students studying at film schools in Britain is on the rise and that more are set to be affected.

The report by the National Film Board of Ireland (NFBI) says the figure for 2019 is forecast to be around 3,000 students.

However, that number will grow to 4,000 by 2021.

It said the growth has been driven by increased demand for the industry, and that it will be an important area of growth in the years to come.

It also highlighted the impact of Brexit on film schools.

It says: “The economic impact of leaving the EU will have a profound impact on the production and consumption of Irish cinema.

This is reflected in the projected increase in the number and size of Irish films in the UK in the coming years.”

The Irish Film Board is of the view that the production, marketing and distribution of Irish productions in the future will be a highly competitive industry.

“Irish films are at the forefront of a new generation of global filmmakers with an exciting pipeline of future projects.”

We need to ensure that this pipeline of exciting projects is not disrupted by the consequences of Brexit.”NFBI chief executive John O’Brien said the report showed a continued need for Irish filmmakers.

He said: “It is a matter of great concern that Irish films are becoming a target for those who seek to impose their views and their views will continue to have an impact on Irish cinema.”

The report also highlighted a “significant increase in demand” for Irish-produced films at the UK’s top film schools, including the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the Royal London School of the Arts.

Its authors said:”With the increased number of students studying in the film schools and with a greater number of the new students coming from outside the UK, the need for the production of Irish-made films in Ireland is becoming more urgent.”

The National Film Council of Ireland said it has a plan in place to meet the demand.

Director of public relations for the National Federation of Irish Cinematographers (NFIC) Alan Kelly said that as a result of Brexit, there will be “significant challenges” in meeting demand in the industry.

He added that he believes there is a need to find a solution to “rebuild” the Irish film industry.