How to make the best films at your school

Posted November 03, 2017 13:39:49 In today's crowded and crowded education landscape, it's a constant battle to make your students happy and learn.But what if you can't make your film at all?Or if you've never made a film before?With this list of 20 of the most iconic films from the 70s and 80s, we're hoping that this article has given you a few ideas to help you create a great film at your own...

How to get a high school film school to work on a film

It's an old cliché, but it's true: you're likely to get the same thing on both sides of the screen as well.But with so many schools around the country now offering film and TV courses, how do you find the right fit?And if you want to keep up with your peers, how can you find courses in your own community?Here are five things to keep in mind when choosing a high-school film school.

How to make your own film resume

Three months ago, I started writing a resume for my film school application.I wanted to show off my skills in a way that would give other prospective film students a good idea of what I'm capable of. What I ended up doing was a recruitment resume for film school applicants in the US, but the article is also a good place to share some tips on how to do your own resume. Here's how to write a...
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