Watch out, children – This is a school film after school

Posted September 13, 2018 14:30:54When my eldest son was a little girl she wanted to be a photographer.

I told her she had to work as a nanny, but she was too young to decide.

She started taking photographs of her friends, and soon I realised that she was just like me.

I was fascinated by how a child’s world is shaped by her experience of the world.

It made me wonder: is it possible to teach a child to be curious and creative?

I started to research and found a school for children to learn photography in a studio in their home.

I wanted my daughter to have the same freedom and confidence as me.

She wanted to do something special with her life.

It was a real dream come true.

I could show her that her passion for photography is more than just a hobby.

When my daughter is home from school and she is curious, curious and curious, she can make beautiful photos.

When I tell her that, I see that she is ready to be her own photographer.