What do the five biggest Australian film schools have in common?

The Big Picture’s Sean Ryan joins host Sam Kasan to talk about the top five Australian film school rankings and what they mean for students.

What’s the best film school in Australia?

How do schools compare?

Who is a winner and a loser?

The Top 5 Australian Film SchoolsRank:Bristol Film School (Bristols students are ranked by their film production values, with a 0.75 point score to first place)Average score: 0.771Rank:Queensland University of Technology (Queenslanders students are also ranked by the quality of their students’ work and the value of their graduates’ degrees)Average: 0,846Rank:Universities Victoria (Students who study film production, or have a strong interest in it, are ranked higher than those who do not)Average : 0,772Rank:Western Sydney University (Students from Western Sydney are ranked more highly than those from other regions)Average 1,091Rank (in descending order of average score):Queenslands University of Science and Technology (QUST)Average 0,861Rank : University of Queensland (Students studying film production are ranked significantly higher than students who study any other discipline)Average 2,049Rank:Australian National University (Including students who have completed a film production course or have some form of creative work experience)Average 4,093Rank:Queen’s University (Quelanders students who studied film production or have had a film project in the past year are ranked ahead of students from other areas)Average 6,058Rank:University of Adelaide (Students with film production and/or creative work experiences are ranked slightly higher than other students)Average 7,087Rank:NSW University of Sydney (Students of the University of NSW are ranked in the same way as other students of the state)Average 10,531Rank:National University of Singapore (Students in Singapore are ranked as highly as students in other countries)Average 12,823Rank:Edinburgh School of Art (Edinburgh students are the highest-ranked Australian university in the Top 5 ranking)Average 13,054Rank:The University of Western Sydney (The University’s students are higher than any other Australian university)Average 15,929Rank:Melbourne University (Melbourne students are slightly higher-ranked than other Australian students)Top 5 Australian UniversitiesRank:Sydney University (1st place)AAP ImagesAAP/ABC