What happens when a private school movie comes out?

A new film from private school film major UCLA’s film school will be available for viewing for the first time on Monday, March 16.

Director and producer of the film, John Krasny, will be presenting a presentation on his film The Private School Movies, in which students discuss the origins of their favorite films.

The film’s title, The Private Schools Movies, is based on a real story from the 1970s in which a UCLA film school film team was approached by a group of students from the private school system to create a film on a subject of their choosing.

The film’s principal is named James Paine, the director of the University of California film program.

Krasny has produced many films and has worked as a director on television, film, stage and video productions.

He was a producer and producer on ABC’s “Masters of Sex,” for which he was nominated for an Emmy in 2001.