What You Need to Know About Film Schools

The University of Minnesota graduate film program is a big deal.

In the last decade, the school has created some of the most acclaimed filmmakers of our time, including Josh Peck, Amy Berg, and Sarah Polley, as well as some of our most beloved TV series and films.

But now the school is looking to move on from the program.

The program’s new president, Peter Sarsgaard, has announced that he’s leaving to pursue a career in film.

“As an academic and director of research, I see a huge opportunity for the University of Minneapolis,” Sarsgard told Ars.

“I’ve always believed that a graduate degree in film can have enormous potential to change the way we think about and approach art.”

Sarsgal has been studying film at the university since 2010.

He started his film school career at the University Of California in Los Angeles, where he earned a master’s degree in media studies.

Sarssgaard said he was attracted to film by the way the medium works, but he also realized that film studies is about more than just film making.

“You’re really making a statement about what you do, about the value of the craft,” he said.

“That’s what I really love about film studies.

It’s about the way you think about what works and what doesn’t, what you’re willing to accept.”

Satsgaard said his film studies would be a good fit for the new graduate program, which will have a large film production and visual art program.

“There’s really no reason not to be an important part of that,” he told Ars, referring to the new program.