What’s next for the world’s most prestigious film school?

A new film school in Myanmar will be opening its doors in the country’s capital, Yangon, in the coming months, according to news outlet miami.com.

According to a press release on the website, the film school will be located in the Yangon Film and Media Centre.

The opening of the new film production centre will be a first for the country, which is known for its film production prowess.

“We’re looking forward to opening this film school.

This will be the first such centre in Myanmar, where the arts can flourish in a sustainable manner,” said the director of the Yangont Film and Film School, Rhee Nyan.

The Yangont Centre for the Arts was established in 2007 as the centre for the study of film, television and digital media.

It is one of the few centres of its kind in the world, according a spokesperson from the centre.

According the spokesperson, the centre has received over 500 applications for admission to the centre and currently has around 2,000 students enrolled.

The Yangon centre is also a hub for research on Myanmar and Myanmar-related subjects.

The centre has been working to create a more sustainable future for its students by focusing on environmental and social sustainability, the spokesperson said.

The newly opened film school is expected to offer courses in motion picture, documentary and television production.

Yangon Film School’s opening date is yet to be announced.