When the South won’t take you to Lincoln Film School

Posted February 15, 2018 06:22:20When it comes to film school admissions, Zimbabwe is often a bit of a mystery.

While there are currently over 6,000 films on offer in the country, the country is still considered to be one of the most backward countries in the world for its access to film.

In 2016, when the Zimbabwe Film Institute (ZIFA) announced that they would be bringing its new film school to Lincoln, many were shocked.

They were also shocked by the number of films that would be offered to the school, and the fact that only six would be accepted.

The film school has been struggling with a lack of funding and the lack of students since it was set up in 2014.

However, things are starting to change, and now ZIFA hopes to be able to offer more films to the students.

According to ZIFA’s Director, Dr. Lola Cetas, the school is working hard to ensure that students are given the best education possible.

“We are working to get a cinema academy up and running, and we will also be able give more films.

We are very keen to have a cinema school in the city of Lincoln,” she told Mashable.

While Lincoln Film Academy is a very large facility, it is located in the town of Harare.

It is located near the centre of the city, with the main campus on the outskirts.

The facility is set up to cater to students from all parts of the country.

The new film academy will be run by the ZIFA Foundation.

The foundation is funded by a $250,000 grant from the Ministry of Information and Technology, and has also secured $250 million from the U.S. Department of State, $100 million from South Africa’s National Treasury and $50 million from Canada.

While the ZIFF has yet to officially announce the details of the new film institute, it has been reported that it will be the largest independent film school in Africa, offering more than 30,000 students.

The ZIFA is the second such academy in Zimbabwe.

The first was established in 1997, and is currently run by a small number of students.

They teach about film making, history, and music.

The institute was set to open in 2019, but has been delayed twice due to funding issues.

The most recent delay came in 2019 when the ZIFA had to shut down its offices due to the severe shortage of funds.

The school has now been given the go-ahead to start up, and hopes to offer the school students a range of different disciplines, including film production.

“The academy is open to all, and its goal is to help the students get a better education,” said Dr. Cetias.

“There are lots of films being offered now, so we are working very hard to bring films to all students.”

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