When will the film be released?

The final trailer for The Irish Film School, a new film from the award-winning Dubliner, has been released online.

The film, which stars actor Ben Keogh as a young film student and will be released on May 11, is described as a “mixed martial arts movie with a touch of comedy and tragedy”.

“We are pleased to be able to share the film with the world as it is the culmination of our 10-year journey to tell the story of The Irish School,” the film’s producers, Daniel and Amanda Burchill, said in a statement.

“We hope the film will be an inspiration for other young filmmakers and will give a platform for the students and the community to share their journey with the wider world.”

The Irish Film Society said the film was a “tribute to the people of Ireland who have inspired us and made us who we are today”.

“It is our sincere hope that the film, a film of such significance and impact, will inspire people of all ages to be inspired and inspired to make the world a better place,” the society said in the statement.

The Irish School is an education initiative that has attracted worldwide attention for the school’s pioneering approach to film, and its ability to teach students about the history and culture of Ireland.

The Burchills have been making their film since 2011.

“It’s really exciting and humbling to be a part of something that has been such a major inspiration for so many people,” Ben Keighogh, who plays the lead role in the film told Irish broadcaster RTÉ.

“I think it’s fantastic that this is going to be an extension of the school and that’s what’s really amazing.

It’s a really big thing for our school.

I’ve got so much love for it.

I think people will see that.”

The film follows a group of Irish students who, after graduating from the school, head to New York to become film-makers.

The students embark on a three-year training course that is followed by an exhibition run at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

The school is a major part of the Irish Film Festival, which runs from May to October each year, and will have a major presence at the annual Dublin Film Festival on Saturday.