Which film school is the best for your film career?

The UK’s top film school has been given a new lease on life, with new plans to open a new location in Londonderry.

The Regent Theatre, which opened in August 2016, will reopen on Monday and will host a new film program at the centre of the campus.

It will include a new production room, as well as a theatre for student productions, and will be the first of its kind in the UK.

The new Regent will be called The Film School Hideout and will open in March next year.

Its opening is significant for the Regent as it is home to one of the UK’s biggest film studios, with its production of The Hurt Locker set to be the next film in its production series.

“We’re incredibly proud of the work we’re doing here at the Regents, and excited to be opening up the theatre to students and new talent,” said Dean of Students Dr Amy Cawley.

“The Regents are a special institution that celebrates the creative and imaginative spirit of film and music.

We know that this film school will continue to create and support the next generation of film artists, students and writers.”

The Regency has been criticised for its low-paying working conditions and for having only one location on campus.

“There are many reasons why we have chosen to stay in the Londons, including the location, accessibility, the diversity of its student body, and the high quality of the education we offer,” said Dr Cawleys director of communications, Laura O’Sullivan.

“It’s been a pleasure working with the students and staff of the Regency and their commitment to creating a positive learning environment.”

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