Which film school should you go to if you want to study film?

With the popularity of documentaries on YouTube and Netflix, the subject of choosing a school for a film career has become an increasingly hot topic.

And now there’s another new school that’s getting a new focus.

According to the Los Angeles Times, USC Vassar is getting a focus on film and television as part of a “major campus-wide expansion”.

It will be the first film school to offer its courses exclusively online, as well as a “full digital library” that will include digital video, DVD and Blu-ray content.

In addition, students will have access to a wide range of courses that are available in a wide variety of video formats including video-on-demand, high definition, and more.

It will also be the third school to make the jump to digital content, following in the footsteps of USC’s Film Center, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Digital Media Institute.

The university is looking to “ensure that USC Vasars students have the ability to take advantage of digital media, including the widest variety of media, at any given moment,” USC VASAR president and CEO Robert Krasno wrote in a statement.

USC VASSAR is set to offer online courses in a variety of disciplines including film, animation, photography, theater, journalism, journalism courses, and art.

For students interested in film, the school also offers online classes in cinematography, visual effects, animation and production design.

As a whole, the new school has made a big push in digital content this year.

The school announced last month that it will be partnering with the National Film Preservation Foundation to create an online archive of over 1.4 million films from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In a similar vein, the university announced that it would be expanding its film curriculum to include digital films, including full digital, digital cinema, and digital short films.

That digital short film archive will allow students to explore the history of digital film through the lens of the digital cinema genre.

According the USC VBS website, USCVBS offers a range of degrees, including: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor or Master of Science in Film, Bachelor in Visual Effects, Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

As part of this digital content expansion, USC is also launching a “Film & Television Study Center”.

The center will be home to an online library of more than 10,000 films from a variety, including classics like The Wild Bunch, The Godfather, The Magnificent Seven, The Jazz Singer, and others.

The digital content library is set for release in the fall, with the university also planning to release an annual digital course catalog of films.

It’s worth noting that many students are looking to film at USC Varies.

According a 2016 USC Vassesar survey, over 70% of students were interested in pursuing a film program.

The survey found that students were most interested in the following: the ability and desire to pursue an undergraduate degree, and how the program will impact their life and career, the experience of living and working in Los Angeles, and opportunities for employment and education.

It seems like a solid starting point for any film school looking to expand its offerings.

If you’re considering getting into film, be sure to check out USC Vassearts new online library.