Which NFL franchise has the most film school graduates?

By Andrew GrossMANCHESTER, NH — When it comes to film school recruits, there’s no shortage of NFL teams to choose from, but which ones are really the best?

According to a recent study, there are several NFL teams with more than 20% of their players from film school.

The study, conducted by the film school network, found that five NFL teams — the Atlanta Falcons, the Carolina Panthers, the Chicago Bears, the Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots — have at least 30% of players from their film programs.

The study, titled “College Film Schoolers, Film Academy Champions: A Study of the College Football Scene in the NFL,” found that the Atlanta franchise has a 55.9% rate of its film school players.

This number is higher than any other NFL team and ranks as the best among all the NFL teams surveyed.

The Bears, on the other hand, have a 41.7% rate and the Browns have a 37.2% rate.

The Patriots had the highest rate with a 35.6% rate, followed by the Falcons at 30.9%, the Panthers at 30% and the Bears at 28.9%.

As the study notes, this is the second year in a row that the NFL has placed the New Orleans Saints and Buffalo Bills in the top three.

In 2014, the Patriots ranked first and second.

The Eagles were the third team and the Vikings fourth.

The Falcons have the most players in the study who went to film at the same school.

They have seven players who went there.

That’s up from six in 2015.

The Browns have the third most players who have gone there.

The Falcons had two players who took film at Ohio State.

The Eagles and Bears have a combined 23 players from the film program who have started their careers in the league.

The Saints have nine.

The Vikings have nine players.

The Panthers have seven.

The Titans have six.

The Colts have six and the Seahawks have five.

The Patriots have four players who started their NFL careers at film school, which ranks third behind the Bears and Falcons.

The Cardinals have three.

The Seahawks have two.

The Rams have one each.

The Browns have five players who were drafted by the Patriots, which is tied with the Saints for the most among the league’s teams.

The Bengals have five and the Packers have three each.

The Jets have one.

The Bills have one player who was drafted by New England, which ties them for the fourth highest in the draft.

The Raiders have one and the Jaguars have zero.

The Seahawks have one players who was picked by the Titans, which places them at the bottom of the draft order.

The Dolphins have one, the Browns and Eagles each have one apiece and the Titans have one at number three.

The Panthers have one from the Titans who has been named a second-team All-Pro and the Lions have one who is a second team All-Conference player.

The Broncos have one of the best player draft class in the past decade, which also happens to be the highest number of first-round picks the league has had since the 2006 draft.

The Cowboys have the highest percentage of their film players who graduated from film program, at 37.4%.

The Eagles have the second highest percentage, at 31.6%.

The Falcons are the only team that has a higher percentage of players who are drafted and have gone on to play for the NFL franchise, at 55.6%, which is a very high percentage.

The Bears have the fifth highest percentage (43.4%), which is also a very low percentage.

The Lions are tied with Seattle for the third highest percentage at 36.4% and are tied for the sixth highest at 33.4%, which means the Seahawks and Browns are tied on the lowest percentage of NFL players who played for a team.

The 49ers are tied at 31% and have a player drafted from the Eagles, the Bears, Vikings and Packers.

The Steelers are tied (33%) and have one first-rounder drafted from an NFL team.

The Jaguars are tied and have two players selected in the first round.

The Bills have two and the Ravens have one overall.

The Colts are tied to their first-year players and have three players drafted from their program, which makes them the only NFL team with more first-time draft picks than film school grads.

The Packers have one pick from an NCAA program and the Bengals have two picks, which gives them the highest average number of draft picks in the recent past.

The Saints have one picked from a Division I program, and have four overall.

The Steelers have one with the highest pick rate (36.6%), but the Bengals also have two, which puts them in fourth place.

The Broncos have two first- round picks, one from an FBS program and one from a non-FBS program.

The Cowboys have one (and they have the worst overall pick rate of the league at 19.2%), while

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