Why did London film school change its name?

A change in the name of a London film and video school is causing some confusion among students.

Montreal Film School (MFS) moved its website to its new address in January 2018, after being renamed by a private company, the London Film School Limited (LFS), which owns the rights to the name.

But the name change has caused a stir among students at the Montreal school.

“It’s very confusing,” said Sophie Lippman, a second-year film student at MFS.

“It’s not really what the name was originally meant to be.

And it’s not what we have been trained to do.”

The MFS website says the new name is based on the “history, traditions, and culture of the London School of Film, Music, and Visual Arts, a school that grew out of the University of London and the New York Academy of Sciences in the 1930s.”

“It was named after the founder, Frederick B. Langdon MFS, who founded the school in 1892,” the website says.

“In the 1890s, the school was a part of the Royal Academy of Arts, the largest and most prestigious of its kind in the world.”

The school also was the first film school in Canada to award scholarships to students who would go on to earn their degrees in the United States.

The move to the new address is not expected to have an impact on students’ learning.

Lippman said she would not be surprised if the new MFS logo was similar to that of a school from a different country.

“We’re not even going to be aware of the change, we’re going to get used to it,” she said.

“I think it’s kind of unfortunate that this change has come to this point, because I feel like they’ve done such a good job with it.”

The LFS said in a statement that the new location for the school is “unique in the London area and has a very strong history.”

It says it will continue to operate the school under its existing name and “ensure the school remains in close contact with the wider community.”

“Montreal is one of the most diverse and vibrant communities in the UK,” the statement reads.

“Our students come from all over the world, but are always encouraged to work together to achieve their highest potential.”

A spokesman for the LFS told CBC News in a written statement that they are “deeply disappointed” in the new change.

“The name changes have no effect on the quality of education for our students, and will continue on until the new school name is made known to students,” the spokesperson said.

The LHS also said the name MFS has no bearing on the education offered in the school, and that the school will continue its history and traditions of the school.

The school’s website says it is the oldest film school and was established in 1889.