Why did you decide to study at the cinema?

Posted September 09, 2018 06:07:30 As a child, I wanted to see films as often as possible, and I was fascinated by all things motion pictures.

One of my favourites was The Godfather.

It was set in a 1920s-style Italian mafia family, and was a big part of my life.

I loved all the characters, the music and the action.

I also loved that it was set on a small-town, New Orleans-style film set, so there were no distractions.

That was a key thing to me.

As a result, I spent a lot of time in the cinema, going in and out of the cinema.

I would often sit in the front row, staring out the window.

It felt like I was in the middle of a film set.

But then one day I decided to move out of my parents’ house, and start my own cinema.

As soon as I moved in, I realised that I was a filmmaker.

So I decided I wanted the same freedom as I had as a child.

My main motivation was to be able to work outside the home, so I started my own production company.

I worked in the office, but I also had my own business, which is where I still work.

I think the main thing is that you have to learn a lot about what is in front of you.

It’s very important.

You need to learn how to create things.

I had to learn to do all of this on my own, but once I was able to do it, it was like I had a real job.

I have a passion for what I do, and that’s why I started making films.

In addition to film, I also love teaching, which I am doing in my final year at the University of the Arts.

It really is a unique position to be in.

I enjoy making movies and teaching, and it’s an opportunity for me to have a bigger and bigger impact.

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