Why film schools are losing students

What happens when students go to a cinema and start watching a movie and then leave?

The answer is they become a filmmaker.

That’s the verdict of the latest study commissioned by the National Film Council of India.

The findings of the NFFI-commissioned survey are being presented in a special session on the sidelines of the International Film Festival of India in Bangalore.

The NFFIC is a nonprofit organization that seeks to enhance education and literacy by encouraging film and other forms of creative entertainment in schools across the country.

It’s an annual event that takes place in several cities across India, and it is considered a key platform for raising awareness of film and cinema.

The NFF is an independent organization and receives funding from the Indian government.

The survey revealed that in the 2017-18 academic year, students from primary to higher secondary education went to theatres to see films and listen to music.

They spent an average of 15 hours a day in a theatre.

The average duration of cinema viewing was about one hour.

In the 10 years from 2011-14, the NIFF reported that about half of the students in the Indian public school system had attended a cinema.

In the 2017 study, students said they had been taught about the importance of film as an art form in the classroom.

The study found that a total of 5,097 students attended cinema class at a primary level, and 6,051 students at secondary level.

In other words, the study revealed that cinema has played a crucial role in educating students about art.

In its latest study, the survey found that about 85% of the 6,057 students in public schools attended cinema in the last three years.

In terms of age, the median age of students in primary school is 17, and the median of students at primary level is 17.

The median age for students at higher secondary level is 18.

The majority of students attended a class at least once a week, with a median of 7.7 students.

Only a minority of students went to the cinema twice a week.

Of the 5,109 students in secondary school, 1,854 students attended the cinema every week.

The mean duration of the cinema viewing for students in both primary and secondary school was three hours and 21 minutes.

In primary school, the average duration was two hours and 19 minutes.

For students at high school, it was seven hours and 43 minutes.

The maximum duration was four hours and 10 minutes.

Of all the films that were shown in the schools, the most popular genre was action-adventure films.

The highest viewership for the cinema was for action-comedy films, followed by romance, westerns, and science fiction.

The film genres that showed the highest viewership were action-drama, romance, comedy, and crime dramas.

The average duration for the students watching movies at school was two and a half hours.

In secondary school the average was two, and a quarter hours.

The minimum duration was three and a third hours.

The survey also found that the cinema had become a central part of the education process.

Students in the primary and the secondary schools attended classes at least five times a week and watched films on a daily basis.

Of the total number of students attending classes at a school, more than 80% went to cinema class, while the rest went to class for homework.

Of those who went to school for school, 75% went through the class to watch films and to learn the art of filmmaking.

This is because there is a strong focus on filmmaking as a art form, and most students in education are not interested in learning other subjects.

The results of the survey reveal that students are also looking for ways to spend their time outside of the classroom, particularly in the arts.

Only about 23% of students, or 2,826, went to theatre classes every week, compared to the 50% who went for classes at home and 35% who attended classes on a video-conferencing platform.

The study also found an increase in student engagement, particularly at the secondary level where a majority of the school students participated in the class.

Of those who attended class at home, 58% were active participants in the classes.

Of students who went online for the first time, 40% did so for the class, and 36% did it for homework assignments.

In private schools, there is an increase of almost 20% in the number of active students.

Of these, around 40% are students in private education, and 60% are in higher education.

The most common reasons students cite for not attending class in the past year are not able to meet friends or family members, lack of time, not being able to pay for class and lack of opportunities.

The number of people who go to the theatres for classes has also increased significantly in the previous year.

In 2017-19, there were nearly 17,000 active cinema students.

Around 15,000 students in 2017-20 were active in class.

Of course, the students who are unable to go to

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