Why film schools need to teach about snow, water and ice

Film school teachers are taught about the dangers of extreme cold and snowfall, but what about the hazards posed by the otherworldly, freezing temperatures?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has launched an initiative to bring attention to the importance of climate change in the future of motion pictures.

According to a new statement released by the academy, the move will focus on making films that address climate change issues.

The academy said it wants to provide “a shared, inclusive and accessible lens” on climate change and its impact on the world.

The statement is being jointly developed by the Academy and the University of Southern California.

“As we look forward to the next decade, we are also taking a bold, comprehensive approach to climate change, with a focus on addressing the needs of our community, including climate-change-related social and economic challenges,” said Michael Goldner, president and CEO of the academy.

“We are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, while also addressing the impact of climate-related disasters and natural disasters on our community and on our planet.

We will continue to work together to ensure our communities have the tools they need to protect their future.”

The academy is calling for films to focus on the social, economic and health impacts of climate disruption, as well as the role of film-makers in the solution.

The Academy has a mission to make “every film a global moment”, which includes films that “offer the best of human creativity, reflection and imagination”, it said.

“Our goal is to create films that reflect the humanity of the people who make them.

To do that, we will also work with filmmakers and educators, including on-site outreach, education and training.”

To that end, the Academy is also working with local, state, federal and international governments and institutions, as it continues to address climate and climate-induced impacts of extreme weather and climate change.

“The statement did not address whether the academy will also develop a film about the rise of the polar vortex in the US.

In a statement, Academy President Barry Meyer said the academy has “never been more engaged in the world of film than it is today.

We have a responsibility to our students, and to future generations to ensure that future generations of filmmakers are better prepared to tackle these important issues, and are fully informed and engaged with climate change”.”

Through the Academy, we share our expertise in how to ensure all of our students have the right skills and materials to do their best work, and the Academy continues to be the best place for students to learn about climate change,” he added. 

The statement also said that the academy is working with the American Red Cross to offer its students free meals, transportation and other resources. 

In a news release, the academy said the school is “dedicated to the highest standards of science and engineering, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to address the most urgent challenges of our time.””

We will continue working with our educators and students to ensure this commitment is maintained and continues into the future,” it added.

The APA is the international organisation that oversees the Academy’s film and television programmes. 

It is the largest film industry organisation in the UK.

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