Why is there no movie festival in Poland?

A group of Polish filmmakers have started a film festival that aims to bring back Polish cinema to the wider world, the Polish Film Institute said in a statement.

The Warsaw Film Festival will take place from September 26 to October 2, and will include films by Polish filmmakers.

The Polish Film Academy, which was founded in 1772, is a state-run body that promotes the Polish film industry.

The first Polish film festival was held in 2014, with films by the likes of Karel Černęcki and Marek Gudřska, and the Warsaw Film Institute is trying to follow in that tradition.

The institute is also seeking to make the festival more accessible for international audiences, including by launching a Polish version of the International Film Festival.

The festival is the latest in a series of initiatives by the institute to bring the Polish movie industry back to the international spotlight.

In 2014, the institute launched the Polish Cinema Awards, which gave top prizes to films that captured audiences’ imaginations.

Last year, the film festival won the prestigious International Independent Film Festival’s prestigious “Best Foreign Film” award.

It is also one of the few international festivals that feature international productions, which are usually not included in the usual international film festivals.

Poland is also home to a thriving film community, with Polish films dominating the list of international films screened in the country.

In 2015, the Warsaw International Film Centre, which focuses on film in Poland, reported that there were over 60,000 films on view in Poland.

But as the Polish cinema scene continues to decline, the government is working on ways to revive the industry.